We found the JURRASIC COAST, so named because of it’s awesome coastline that boasts stories of undersea creatures both big and small, from practically microscopic coccyliths to two-foot diameter nautili.

We began looking for a place named Seaton, which is a small town originated about forever ago. It actually reminded me of some coastal areas of California. We found that we just could not find accommodations there, however. It was a Friday night and everything was full, booked, no vacancy. We ended up going up and around and down a very steep little road to the most amazingly quaint town I’ve ever seen in my life. BEER.

Yes, the name of this seaside little burg is Beer. We found lodging at a place called the Dolfin Hotel, just 2 blocks from the beach. Isn’t it the cutest place you’ve seen in a long time? I know, right?







Now, when I say beach, please don’t picture in your minds’ eye a soft sandy beach. This is not the kind of beach one finds on this southern coast of England. This beach consists of amazingly rounded and smoothed stones of varying sizes and ingredients, from colorful cherts to translucent quartzites to dark dioritic blends. Near the shore the small waves tumbled the smooth stones and made a very cool memorable sound, that is difficult to describe: deep, playful, imagine opening a bag of stones and having them all tumble out at the same time. This deep B-tone, similar in sound and tone/pitch to when pool-balls drop after you push in your coins.At any rate, the beach was cool.


The white cliffs of chalkstone and flint was really beautiful, and we had the perfect sunny day. This did not go unappreciated, as I realize we are in England, after all, and I heard it rains every day here.








The buildings are all incredibly old, dating back to about the beginning of time. I rarely have seen anything like it. Many of the walls, buildings, chimneys, and other structures were built with cement and flint. The small streets and old quintessential buildings really made me feel like I was in a movie set from some old movies I’ve seen in the past.



We walked around the area in the morning, picking berries, taking lots of photos, playing with the stones, appreciating the lovely warm sunny morning along with other folks-likely Brits on a short weekend Holiday-… it was interesting to walk around and just appreciate the new of it, to me, while appreciating the old of it, culturally speaking, as well as the old of it in relation to the fact that for some folks, that place has been their stomping grounds for a long time.

Oh yes, one last thing before I leave the sea town of BEER. The whole coast line there was England’s FIRST UNESCO Heritage site. Cool! I’m glad it worked out that we happened down there to check it out.


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