Switching to FRANCE just would not be appropriate without a little blurb on the FERRY RIDE across the English Channel.

White Cliffs of Dover in the Mist: Through the rainy and windy torrents!

It was a windy, blustery day. Winnie-the-Pooh woulda had a hey-day with that… [I remember he always talked about blustery days and honey, that’s why I mention it, sweet little Pooh!]

Picture this if you will: rain coming down in Torrents! Donning the rain gear, walking quickly with our luggage rolling behind us, over the rivers and through the puddles. Seriously, like, ENGLISH RAIN. It was raining.

We waited about 40 minutes in the terminal after spending too much on a WALK-ON FERRY ride [in Washington state, walk-ons are like, maybe $8 American dollars. Here in Dover? A WALK-ON Ferry ride is 30 POUNDS!!! Like, FIFTY DOLLARS!!! … for a two hour ride. honestly. but i digress]

At any rate, the weather was blustery, the rain came down in torrents, and I have photos to prove it!

I was thrilled to go on deck though, [twice, exactly] to check out the weather and the view, of which, there were both! I even saw a delicious rainbow!!!

Then we arrived in Calais, France and the sun came out!! And it was great to realize we were in a different country! How cool is that?

The Ferry that brought us to France

First Time in France: Just Off the Ferry. Calais, France.

And we walked for what seemed like forever, but was really only about 30 minutes, to our motel room for the evening.

And OH MY GOODNESS… Everyone speaks French… and … it felt like no one speaks English.. but that’s a whole nother blog post…


2 thoughts on “Dover, UK to Calais, France

  1. I love this, and the post that NO ONE spoke English, ad NO time for a French lesson. OMG!!!! I am so glad you meade it back to the UK okay!! No mager problems!!

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