Sept 29

A quintessentially French medieval port-town at the mouth of the Seine River. Had I known how amazing this little burg would be I would have definitely preferred to stay here over Paris, which is much too much a metropolis for me.

But we’re talking about the lovely Honfleur, not my personal adversity to large cities.

This really is the cutest little town. Although many of the places we’ve been through, are. Some of these buildings were made about 1000 years ago, give or take 200. Amazing. Near what had to have been the first church built in the area, we saw a guy with four Siamese cats on leashes and some kittens. They were so cute. We walked along real cobblestone streets that would make any woman in stilettos question her shoe choice for the day.

We enjoyed a typical French breakfast at a cute place near the water where we could savor the view that was so completely and uniquely different to anything familiar in the states. In sight there was a castle-like building made of stones that you knew just had to be brought there by hand. There were also a few older ships that were reminiscent of pirates and old stories of treasures out in the waters beyond. We strolled back to our car along a shoreline promenade and watched the various goings on.

After enjoying a brisk sunny morning here, we made our way to Paris.

Stay tuned!


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