I hadn’t realized that the Louvre Art Museum was indeed constructed upon the ancient grounds of the Louvre Castle.

Things kids do in the courtyard near the Louvre

Nor had I anticipated that the name tags with all the descriptions of the art would be in, you guessed it, French. Why that had escaped my mind, I do not know.

At any rate, here is a whimsical and very small cross section of the incredible art and cultural history through the eons that one can see on their visit to the Louvre.

Authors note: While some of my photos and comments may appear to be light and whimsical, no disrespect is meant to the art, to the cultures, nor to hard-core art history buffs. Through a large portion of the visit I was feeling very reverent and speechless with the experience. It was really amazing to walk through that place that holds so much world history via artistic expressions. Thank you for understanding~

My first view of the Louvre. It is so huge, this is not even half of it.

David and Goliath fight it out.

Two Boys: Reminded me of Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer.

The quintessential MonaLisa. Like the reflection of all the other visitors?

I look just like her, I know.

Lots and Lots of marble sculptures. And they’re BIG!

Relaxing, old-school style.

This sculpture was actually as huge as a prow on a ship! Amazing!

This is one of countless artistic impressions of the Virgin Mother and Child.

And this one is one of my favorites: Proof that being an exasperated parent is universal and timeless!

This sculpture depicts a funeral procession. It was very stark compared to the lighter marbles.

Let me ponder that for a moment.

While you’re pondering that, thanks for the crown! It’s lovely, just wrap it up for me.

I didn’t know these were here! Honestly!!! So totally cool!

This sculpture includes what appears to be a real human skull


Very Ornate Architecture in many of the sections

A lot of sculptures

This painting is amazing. In it’s presence I felt very small. See? I was also trying to get some of that wine.

















































Thank you for enjoying these photos. I hope that someday you can enjoy the Louvre in person, it’s definitely memorable.


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