Today included some fun sledding at the farm. I think everyone in the family got up after 10 am… which really, is only an hour after the sunrise anyways. We enjoyed a late breakfast, otherwise known as brunch, I suppose. Then after sitting around for just a while longer and enjoying just one more cup of coffee [with baking cocoa, sugar, and heavy cream!] we motivated to get on about five layers of winter gear before heading out.

There is a pretty steep hill here near the house, so I had the great idea of heading over there. We started with a little shovel-looking thing on a plastic handle. It’s like a personal-sledding-device. Dangerous. It really packs a punch for such a small piece of equipment. Seriously. And the hill is steep enough that if you lost your balance [which I did] then you just slid the entire way to the bottom, which I also did; I mean, why fight it? Then the neighbor was like, I have one of those evacuation things- how are they called?- you know, to take injured people out of the mountain by helicopter? And we were like, yeah, sounds good. So he brought it out and said -and I quote- “Knock yourself out” as he walked away. And I was like, “or not” because that thing had the probability of danger all over it. And I’m not kidding, it was like the space shuttle taking off, all that was visible was the snow flurries around it as they sped down the mountain.

So here are a few photos from the snowy-play-time1.

1In the interest of an iota of privacy, photos are not labeled with names


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