As you probably know if you’re reading this I was in Whistler, BC, Canada last week. It was an amazing place to get in a sort of ‘last hurrah‘ in regards to the amazing travel adventure that we have enjoyed.
[You may have heard that we were trying to think of something else to do after enjoying New Year’s Eve in Switzerland, but it was more expensive to get to the Ukraine to ski than to return to the states, grab our own ski gear, and head to Whistler for the week. Go figure]
I would like to say that I have a love-hate relationship with video creation. On the one hand I really enjoy it. I’ve always been a visual person, I love films and adventure style things [read: BIG fan of the Banff Film Festival], but have seemed to [thus far] lack in some real ability as far as conglomerating a good short-film myself.
So I plod along and I know the quality is mediocre and I know the stunts are not really there, but I can say that the scenery is usually fabulous and that alone is worth sharing with everyone.
Another mini-goal of mine is to continually improve my video making … [like, really? I’m going to get worse?]
And someday I will submit some short video to the Banff Film Festival: I’ve got a great idea, and I’ll have to hit it from the angle of funny, which I can do. Stay tuned, maybe I’ll make that one this summer. [hint: it takes place in the mountains of Idaho]

At any rate, thanks for enjoying this video. I hope it works for you! [meaning, for some reason my youtube page still thinks it’s in Germany and says “this video is not available in all countries” [maybe even the US? I’m not sure]…

Please feel free to ‘like’ or comment so that I know where this video is working and where it isn’t in anticipation of fixing any quirky things.

Gracias! Merci! Danke!


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