How about a quintessential stamp?

How about a quintessential stamp?

For the last few weeks I have had yet another project in the works. This project really helped me get my brain, my heart, and my feet back into life here in Boise. Funny thing? The entire reason I was doing this project was exactly in order to enter a contest that boasts taking the winner “around the world. six months, six continents”.

The previous adventures were such a blast that I knew I just had to enter. Before you actually watch the 3 minute video, please let me share with you some of what went into creating it:

  • Read about it on another blog and then decide that “hey! I should enter that contest!” (appx. last week of Feb)
  • Think about what all could be included in the application materials which consist of: ONE 500 word blog (and if you’ve been reading these blogs here, you know that’s a challenge for the likes of me. None of my other blog posts were less than 1000 words!), and ONE three-minute video showing all that is great about the destination of my choice.
  • Watch their example video and re-read the contest entry rules about 100 times to be sure I am understand exactly what they think they want.
  • Identify some main points that is in the application information, thereby deciding that I am indeed a very reasonable candidate for what they want “Someone genuine, informative, and fun… and most of all, up for a challenge!”
  • Enlist a few dedicated friends with time on their hands to go out and film in and around Boise
  • Go DO all the things there are to do in March in Boise
  • Wait for the “fast” computer to get fixed since it crashed and the details around editing were… complicated.
  • Get an external harddrive for all the photo/video clips you need, since you don’t know for sure which computer you will be editing on
  • Celebrate the morning the precious computer was returned to you
  • Spend an entire weekend conglomerating a ga-zillion different super-short clips from all the places you went
  • First “draft” of the video? Fourteen minutes! I mean, how can any place get justice in a mere three minutes? It occured to me after the first hour of editing that this was not going to happen all at once.
  • Final draft, 48 hours later…??? THREE MINUTES!!!! I felt like I needed a bottle of champagne celebrating this accomplishment on it’s own!
  • Render video for upload to youtube (Am I the only one on the planet whose computer takes over an hour to upload a three minute video? Honestly)
  • Work on the 500 (!!) word blog and gather images from that experience (which, btw, had to be carefully torn out of an “old-fashioned” style photo album complete with printed photos glued onto -gasp!- paper! (And on that note, think of 3 cool experiences to write about and then realize the contest requests 3 photos to accompany it… well, the other 2 I thought of were cool precisely becuase they were too intense to be taking photos! I thought my life was at stake, after all! No time for pictures. Honestly)
  • Read “fine print” [we use that term figuratively, these days] of contest rules and regulations, just to be sure.
  • Have a virtual heart attack when you read that “third party music must have permission”. Recall that youtube will hold a video if third-party music is identified, worry that it might not get accepted, panic, write to the owner of the music used in said video [that is currently taking over an hour to be rendered, mind you], who is in overseas, btw, and hope to hell that they check e-mail and will get back to you in a reasonable time frame, as your personal ‘mini-goal’ was to complete this project before returning to work on Monday.
  • Long story short, the owner of the music DID write back in time for video to be uploaded and finally posted and submitted to the contest! Whew!!!
  • (This is the short version of the proccess, btw, and I believe we’re already at way more than 500 words, too!)

So if you like the video and you wouldn’t mind voting for me daily (by sharing the video on a social media) through the end of March I would be grateful! Either way, keep your eye out for the longer version that does more justice to Boise, as well as includes all the stuff that had to be cut!!!

Thanks for reading!

at Dream River Ranch

at Dream River Ranch

Go here. Now. Stop reading this blog and go get some chocolate!

Go here. Now. Stop reading this blog and go get some chocolate!

I'm not a huge football fan, but this truly is iconic.

I’m not a huge football fan, but this truly is iconic.

Gold Panner guy out of barbed wire didn't make the short cut.

Gold Panner guy out of barbed wire didn’t make the short cut.

Gold panning got cut. Watch for it in the longer edit. Coming soon, to a blog near you!

Gold panning got cut, too. Watch for it in the longer edit. Coming soon, to a blog near you!


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