It is a rainy spring day, which makes me think of life in general. It is an ‘out with the old, in with the new’ kind of day. New blossoms are accosting us from every tree and bush and plant all over town. Bountiful dogwood flowers flourish from every recently-bare branch in Boise. Puffballs of little flowers adorn every deciduous tree in sight this week. It’s a fiery show of spirit all in favor of spring, sun, warmer weather, and getting ready for pollination galore.

It’s also the time for signs of winter to be fading into the background. Which brings me to the Estate Sale that we happened by today.

I always find myself curious about people in general, and estate sales are one way to peek into the lives of others without being overtly nosy. After all, you get to go into the home of a complete stranger and snoop around looking at their cherished belongings and goodies and other assorted kitsch and no one so much as wonders why.

In we went. Ah-ha, these people collected marine themed things; caracoles, shells, sand dollars, and other seaside collectibles. There were sea-themed books and sailboat decorations. The main living area held lovely antiques and collectibles from other continents: statuettes, baskets, candle-holders, and things that might each hold their own stories and reasons for being in that home. Upstairs showed me that the woman of the house was a seamstress of some kind; swatches of varied fabrics neatly rolled near an archaic Singer, probably the first type ever made [it was one of those that looks to weigh about 100 pounds and resembles an old locomotive]. Out back the garage was neat and orderly, everything had a place.  Reminded me of my dad and his organized garage.

I tried to imagine the people who lived here in this well kept home. It was obvious to me they liked to travel, as they collectively had many items from around the world. Clearly they were big readers, as there was a veritable library of titles adorning all the extra shelf space in just about every room. I wondered what happened to them, and what they thought about as they looked out the same window I peeked out of from the second floor. I wondered how long they had lived there if they were both deceased? Or perhaps just one and the other was forced to move into a smaller home or assisted living. I tried to imagine what types of meals they enjoyed preparing in their lovely refurbished kitchen. I wondered if family came to visit them and if they enjoyed grandchildren in their little bit of green space between the house and the garage.

And it reminded me that the circle of life weaves together well with the cycle of the seasons. In the fading out of winter comes the brilliant blossoms and refreshing visions of spring.

This said, it is wise to appreciate the beauty in all moments. Today is a rainy day. Yesterday was a sunny day. Perhaps tomorrow it will be rainy again. These things shouldn’t affect who we are or how we think. We are best suited to see the splendors available to us each and every day. Life is precious; our seasons are in constant flux. Get out there and carpe diem~

Magnolia in bloom

Magnolia in bloom


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