Hello again!

If you have been following this blog you may recall that I entered a My Destination BIGGEST BADDEST BUCKET LIST contest in March.

Today the 10 finalists were announced, and alas, I was not one of them.

No worries! Not to get hung up on could have beens or should have beens, I rather embrace the awesome experience of running around Boise with good friends to get all the footage and share in some good times creating the application video.

And, not surprisingly, I found another contest, The Big Blog Exchange! Frankly, this one feels a little more down to earth than the other, which is also just fine with me. The deadline for submissions is today!

Whew! Just made it.

Wish me luck!

Below you can read my submission essay on “My Motivation” for wanting to participate! [if you like it, please click here and find me in the recent entries and VOTE on that page for me. cool advantage? you don’t have to vote by sharing on social media! ]

My motivation?
How can we best learn about the world and the people in it but from varying perspectives first hand? The majority are not afforded opportunities to exchange lives with others, save for a handful of junky ‘real life’ TV shows which seem to have an objective to pit people against each other instead of work together towards a common good. From my first step onto a plane and out of my country as a teenager to visit family in Germany, through an unforgettable and life-course shaping two years volunteering with the US Peace Corps in my mid-twenties, to a recent first-time four-month backpacking trip in Europe, amazing experiences continually shifted and opened up my proverbial and literal vistas. As my favorite professor purported in just about every class, “the last thing a fish notices is the water in which it swims”. After a year of grad school I finally understood and internalized this idea. Once I left my “fishbowl” of California I became more able to objectively view not only my own culture with all its idiosyncrasies, but also began to see with a firsthand perspective the cultures and realities of a very minute handful of the other 7 billion people on our precious planet. Each “out-of-fishbowl” experience created not only more awareness for my own niche in the US, but also opened up more understanding and awareness of other people in other cultures and leading lives unique from mine.
This said, I know it is impossible to meet every person or experience every thing on the planet: we can only traverse through a small cross-section of lifestyles in our lives. I am trying to do this thoughtfully and share it with others via blogging.
Individual people are as common as tap water in affluent societies, yet every person has a distinctive perspective on the world as seen through the lens of their race, culture, family, society, and country. I would embrace an opportunity to delve into a race, culture, family, and society other than my own. To blog about it, too? How better to share the experience with others who wouldn’t be able to create such an opportunity for themselves.
I really like what you are proposing with this project of trading places with another blogger. It will provide a platform for discussion, dialogue, understanding, and shifting perspectives not only on the part of its participants but of their followers! Bravo for thinking of it. I would like nothing more than to be chosen as one of the finalists.


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