Have you ever seen one of these before?
Today’s New Year’s morning breakfast included an egg served in this style. When I saw it I almost squealed with delight. Outloud. But luckily for the other guests no coffee had entered my system yet, so the squeal of delight was more inside my head.
And really, I don’t even love soft boiled eggs. To be honest this one was perfect because it was practically hard boiled: which I do like very much. But I digress.
I know you are really just dying to know why I was so excited about it.
Immediately after said non-squeal-in-head I was transported to my childhood breakfast table. It was a work and school day. My dad was sitting across the table from me already in his work suit. It was tweed-like. Shades of dark grey. He wore a white collared shirt under the jacket.  A colorful kitchen towel tucked in neatly  at his neck, of course to protect from any accidental spill. He was quite meticulous. Especially when wearing his office attire. At that time he even still wore cuff-links. Nice ones.  He leaned forward to slurp his uber soft boiled eggs. Two of these plus a nondescript piece of toast with swiss cheese kept my dad going for his morning at work. Many mornings began like this when I was in gradeschool and middle school.
My dad. Soft boiled eggs. A complete time-cultural trend from my childhood. A sweetly nostalgic quick visit for me. Lovely images of a bygone era …. From a mere soft boiled egg.


One thought on “Eggs and Memories

  1. I loved reading through the journey of your flashback. The visualization vividly intensified with colors and even the aroma of toast (maybe slightly burned) and warm yummy egg yolks! 🍳

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