Published in the May issue of “The Science of Mind” Magazine. by Kim DeWit

Waves of Change are upon us all these days. From a turbulent global community to the flotsam and jetsam of our individual lives the undercurrents of change are imminent and noticeable. My life in the last two years is no exception. Two years ago the waves of change began heading towards a trough when –along with four others- I was laid off from a wonderful teaching position. “Enrollment is down” they said. “You’re a great teacher but we have to cut our foreign language department”.  In addition, thanks to a veritable stand-still in housing and construction, my husband was still not working consistently. He had long used up his available unemployment and we had dipped deep into our almost nonexistent savings.
Soon after this our financial advisor suggested we try to sell our home. Within the last two years I lost a job, my husband did not have consistent work, we were not covering all our bills, and we had to put our house on the market. The flow of life had definitely ebbed more than we could have anticipated it would half a decade ago.  After all, we were recently married when we purchased our first home together, we both thought we had stable and reasonable-paying jobs, and we were ready to settle in and see what life had to bring.  We were in for a different sort of flow than we were hoping for.

Admittedly I have had moments of teary-eyed and scared nervousness. It is easy to worry about what the coming year of inevitable change will bring.  Yet when in my calm and centered self I have very different emotional responses to our situation. I feel like belief in the Universal Spirit has helped calm my nerves through this swell of changes. Jane Beach, in her article A New Year: Brining Spirit to Life, in the January issue of Science of Mind, shared “I don’t have to like the situation, but it is imperative that I like myself in it”. This quote exploded off the page when I read it because it resonated so well with what I felt the current life chapter has brought our way.  Meditating on this quote has helped me through the ebbs. When I find myself excited and curious about the wide range of future possibilities it is easy to like me and feel proud of a positive outlook. With a shift in perspective it is not difficult to see these changes as transformations affording us a whole new sea of opportunities.  I am grateful for the opportunity to experience outward turbulence that I may asses and ultimately connect with the Universal Spirit. A strong connection with the One Self helps us maintain our center and our confidence that everything happens for the highest good of all involved.


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